Finding Quotes that Inspire Me!

From time to time, I read quotes that inspire me and that I want to share. As I said in this post, one of my facebook friends called me a facebook therapist because I post or repost a lot of the ones that appear on my wall.  I like them, they inspire me when I feel I need a little inspiration.

Today’s quotes are about age and opportunity, how learning keeps us young, the future, respecting yourself!









What are your favorite quotes about aging?  Share them with us and we’ll add them to a post, if you’d like us to!

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  1. I love these quotes, as well as the central idea behind his blog..I am 55, so am quite happy with the fifties, so far!
    I think my favorite quote, less inspirational, and probably not rendered accurately is:
    “You are only as happy as your least happy child”
    I think it was Shakespeare?

    I love your blog and will be here often, i signed up to follow you via email
    XX, Elle

    1. I’ve never read that quote before. I like it! So glad you love the blog, I’m having so much fun with it. As I said on your blog, I love yours, too. Thanks for following me via email. If you’re on facebook, you can “like” my page, too! I have to add you to my blogroll. Hope you’ll do the same. Continued success to us both!

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