Random Thought for the Day: The Sunroom

Tropical Porch Courtesy of Houzz [dot] com


Wouldn’t it be great if we could redefine what a Sunroom is?  Here’s what I’m thinking I’d like the Sunroom to be.  I’d love to have a year round room in my house that would be all windows — even the ceiling would be made of glass.  No breaking of the glass ceiling  here–this one would withstand the elements!  The daily temperature in my sunroom would be a steady cool temperature, say 68 degrees, with a gentle natural breeze that would blow periodically with the sound of rustling leaves in the background.  The sky would always be blue with white fluffy clouds that would be highlighted by the sunshine. It would overlook beautiful gardens and heck, why not add a man made or better yet a natural stream or brook that flowed right up to it.  Yup, inside and out, this would be the view I’d see all around me in this room each day.

The rest of the house could be surrounded by what we’d normally see out our windows, but this room would be just as I described, always.

How peaceful and restful it would be.  Medicinal even–my daily dose of vitamin D.  No possible way to get sunburned, no funny tan lines;  Just the feeling of the warm wonderful sun and a cool breeze to invigorate me a little bit, each day.


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  1. I had something like that once, it was a greenhouse with all glass and a glass roof , overlooking a pond – and fountain- seasonally. I loved taking my morning coffee there. It was heated but it got so warm on a sunny day that even in won’t, I did not turn it on.
    It was serene . Now I am back in the city, and that is good, too. I can walk to a community garden down the block!
    Thanks for getting me to remember this!
    XX, Elle

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