Finding Fitness: How to Get Arms like Michelle Obama

One of the easiest ways to create fitness goals it to start small and build from there.  I happened to be having a conversation the other day at a CAbi sample sale and we were talking about the various items on the rack.  I was telling one of the women running the sale said that I was not ready to try on anything sleeveless because I’m sensitive about my flabby upper arms.  I’ve been trying to get myself psyched up to start working on them.  Her response?  Do the exercises in front of the TV!   Now why didn’t I think of that?

Visual person that I am, I decided to hunt for a video to watch so I can learn my exercises.  Here’s one from PopSugar Fitness that I like a lot.  Soon, I’ll have the routine down and I will be able to watch TV while I do my exercises. For now, though, I’ll be watching my computer!

Maybe, if I become brave enough I’ll take a before and after picture!  We’ll see.  Have any of you had success watching videos to learn how to tone your arms like Mrs. Obama’s?  How long did it take you to see a difference?

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