I’m Practically CATatonic Over Kitty Flats!

I’m practically CATatonic over these Kitty Flats!

 Satin Kitty Flats in Black & Gold
Satin Kitty Flats


Do you remember when these Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats were all over the fashion pages? I love, love, love them and much like kitties themselves, they seem to be all over the place in all types and varieties once again, this season!

Capri at Nordstrom for $565/Pink Silk at Farfetch.com for $685/Glittery for $695 & Sleeping at net-a-porter.com for $595.

While I’d love to have them, I think these are a more budget-friendly option:

Cat Loafer Black Velvet
Black Velvet Cat Loafer

The G-Cat Loafer Black Velvet  is a knock-off, or a replica, but it’s also, very, very cute, and at $155.00, it’s a well made, not one that will fall apart after one wearing.  I think it’s purrfect!

Hmmm, I’m already thinking about what I’ll wear them with. Can’t wait to get them in the mail and hoping they fit!  Are you practically CATatonic over kitty flats, too?

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