Polkadot Pants, a Sparkly Statement Necklace and Shiny Ballet Flats

Similar Outfit to the One I Wore
Burgundy Blouse (similar) Ivory Statement Necklace”& Silver Ballet Flats (similar)Polka-dot pants,sparkly statement necklace and shiny ballet flats were the basis of the outfit I wore to the fantastic blogging and small business conference that I attended in October.  I had a blast networking, talking about my goals for findingmyselfat50.com, telling the women about the women’s business networking group, of which I am a Group Leader,my ecommerce site,my first foray into e-commerce and what I thought was blogging at the time,and a labor of love, and the my leap into a new entrepreneurial venture as a Stylist for Stella & Dot.  Suddenly, I’m a very, very busy woman!

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Black & White Outfits for Day or Night!


I love black and white for day or night in the late Spring and early Summer.  When I wear a black and white outfit I instantly feel chic.  Here are my picks for a terrific black and white outfit for day or night!

Day to Night
 Image Courtesy of Chicismo

 As soon as I laid eyes on this image from Chicismo, I knew I had to blog about it.  I just loved the artistry of it; The stripes in the model’s top seem to correspond to the arched bridge behind her.  I love the way the pleated Skater Skirt flares out and creates a balance for the top.  The clutch is the perfect accessory — the rounded rectangular shape not only mimics the curve of the short

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I’m Practically CATatonic Over Kitty Flats!

I’m practically CATatonic over these Kitty Flats!

 Satin Kitty Flats in Black & Gold
Satin Kitty Flats


Do you remember when these Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats were all over the fashion pages? I love, love, love them and much like kitties themselves, they seem to be all over the place in all types and varieties once again, this season!

Capri at Nordstrom for $565/Pink Silk at Farfetch.com for $685/Glittery for $695 & Sleeping at net-a-porter.com for $595.

While I’d love to have them, I think these are a more budget-friendly option:

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Friday Finds – Home Decor Ideas

This week’s Friday Finds is all about home décor ideas.    We’ve slowly been making updates to our home and the room we’re concentrating on right now is our teenage daughter’s room.   It turns out that I’m not the only one who is finding my decorating style — my daughter is, too.   For the most part, our styles are similar, well, as similar as they can be given the fact that I’m the parent and she’s the teen!

Here are some of  my favorites, based on the items we’re drawing inspiration from:

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What I Wore: Tank Tops & Skinny Jeans

What I wore last week on vacation was tank tops and skinny ankle length jeans!

Okay, this is not the best picture of me for two reasons, a) my head is missing and b) it’s grainy.  This is my first attempt at blogging a picture of myself and well,  1) I’m shy and 2) for whatever reason my daughter’s iPhone wasn’t behaving– maybe it had to do with poor lighting at the time?  Oh, well!



Anyway, before leaving for vacation, my daughter and I were running errands and on the way home, I made a quick decision to run into Nordstrom Rack.

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What I Wore to Dinner – Donna Morgan Shift Dress



Back in May, I had a special dinner to attend.  It wasn’t dressy, but it wasn’t casual either, so it was a challenge to find a dress that would  work for the occasion.  I decided to wear this Donna Morgan Shift Dress, which I’d bought earlier in the Spring.  The one pictured here is available at Amazon.com.  I really liked the style of this dress when I tried it on and fortunately for this 50-

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Finding Fitness: How to Get Arms like Michelle Obama

One of the easiest ways to create fitness goals it to start small and build from there.  I happened to be having a conversation the other day at a CAbi sample sale and we were talking about the various items on the rack.  I was telling one of the women running the sale said that I was not ready to try on anything sleeveless because I’m sensitive about my flabby upper arms.  I’ve been trying to get myself psyched up to start working on them.  Her response? 

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How to Dress a Pear-Shape with Narrow Shoulders? I Miss Shoulder Pads!


How to dress a pear-shape with narrow shoulders?  I miss shoulder pads!  Most people look back on 1980’s fashion and say, “Oh those shoulder pads!”, reflecting back on those oh-so-big shoulder pads that we all wore and with somber regret.  I however, really, really miss them!  Shoulder pads were the perfect antidote to balancing out my pear shaped body in some of my favorite outfits.   Small shoulder pads were great for me because they gave me an hour glass silhouette and down played my wider hips while accentuating what back then was my “tiny” waist.

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