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On my birthday, last month, my family and I decided to go to one of our favorite areas to celebrate — Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  After a lovely brunch at a French restaurant called Bastille we went to the Old Town Boutique District, which I’d read about, but had never been to before.  My daughter was pretty excited to check out this fun shopping area too;  my husband, I can safely say, was not, but he was such a love to indulge me on “my day.”

One of the stores I’d read about in the Boutique District and wanted very much to take a peek in was Periwinkle, a sweet boutique that is filled with beautiful designer clothing, shoes and accessories.  As luck would have it,  a little chalk board at the door just happened to advertise that they were having a sale and I personally lucked out when this pair of Beverly Feldman T-Strap Sara Bis Pumps was not only a sale item, but happened to fit!

I’m sort of obsessed with shoes and have been for as long and I can remember.  I think it all started when, at a very early age,  I learned that the prettiest shoes are often not available in my hard-to-find size.  I wear a narrow shoe width.  Most people think narrow is a B width.  In fact, though, a B is a medium width.  I wear a double A (AA  or 2A) and sometimes even a triple A (AAA or 3A) which is referred to as Slim.  Even more slim is quadruple A, AAAA, 4A or what’s referred to as Super Slim and yes, in case you’re wondering there are women out there who wear quintuple A, or 5A,  as well.

Since true narrows aren’t typically manufactured en mass and sold anymore in retail stores (the reason I started an e-commerce business called–more on that in a separate post), I always try on shoes that aren’t true narrows, “just in case” they’ll not only fit, but also be comfortable.  When these pretty designer pumps retailing at $290, then marked down to $147 and then finally to $70,  actually did fit , I was over-the-moon!  Not only did I score a high-end designer pair of shoes inexpensively…yes, they were comfortable, as well!  The heel isn’t much more than an inch and a half and it’s more of a kitten heel than a stiletto.  My only complaint is that with pantyhose on,  the lining, which you can see in my very colorfully filtered image, is quite shiny and slippery.  So, I did need to dig into my plentiful supply of shoe pads to find a pair that would keep my toes from sliding toward the pointy toe of each shoe (Ouch!).

I’ve now worn them once and can’t wait to find an excuse to wear them again.  The first wearing was for a dressy occasion.  My plan for the next wearing is to dress them down.  I’m going to try them with a new pair of faded Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans , a cute Max Studio top and some fun accessories!  I hope the shoes won’t look too dressy for the jeans.  If the outfit comes together the way I’d like it to I’ll write a post about it.  Wish me luck!

Do you have a pair of Beverly Feldman shoes that you love?  What covet-worthy items do you get giddy with excitement over?  Did you get it/them for a steal like I did?  Do tell!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m so glad you found these gorgeous shoes , they are the perfect gift. It must be very hard to find shoes that narrow I can relate to that I have small, I wear a size 5, and that’s not nearly as difficult as finding shoes in your tiny tiny narrow width. Sounds like you have a great day !
    XX, Elle

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