Finding Myself at 50

findingmyself1I’m a wife and mom who is finding myself at 50. No, I’m not “finding myself” like they were “finding themselves” in the 1960’s!  I guess it’s more appropriate to say that I’m figuring out who I am at 50 years old, finding my style now that my body is changing along with the fact that in this new decade though I don’t have to feel more “mature,” I do have to dress more maturely.  I’m discovering  that I’m interested in new and different things today versus ten years ago, and I’m wondering what’s in store for the next 50.   It’s an exciting time, but it’s a challenging and sometimes scary time, too.

The blog is my way of journaling what my goals are, what I like, what I’m interested in and what I want to do at this new stage of life;  My “next act,” if you will. It’s definitely shaping up to be new and different and I hope it will be lots of fun along the way.  It’s also the evolution of one of my first goals of my 50’s, to write a blog and to learn how to create this web site.  So, if you’re following along, you may see the look of the blog change from time to time as I learn to do something new.

As I embark on this journey I hope a few people will want to join me and read along. Maybe you’ll relate. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself as you navigate your way through your 50’s, or as you watch me navigate through mine. What ever you get from my blog I hope you’ll take something positive from it.

Are you a woman finding yourself at 50 years old also? What’s it been like for you? How’s it going? I’d love to hear from you!

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